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LEGO Keychains

I’m going to be posting a lot of fun LEGO things these next few days. I’m throwing a LEGO themed birthday party for my little man, who’s turning 6 next week! Very exciting for him and me.

So here’s how to make some awesome LEGO key chains:

1. Raid the LEGOs. Find the blocks you want to use for the key chains.

2. Purchase Key Rings & Chain at local craft store. (About $3 for both items)

3. Get out your power screwdriver/drill and find your smallest drill bit.

4. Screw a tiny hole into one side of each LEGO close to the edge.

5. Attach chain & key ring.

This is a great gift or activity for any kind of party or gathering. And the fun part is that kids can keep them on their backpacks and attach their own LEGO creations to them.


More Cake Pops Please

I recently discovered Cake Pops! They are so super yummy and easy to make. Just follow the step-by-step instructions here. Bring to any family event or school function and you will be the envy of all the other Moms!

This pic is my first attempt and they came out great! So good, in fact, I had to make another batch right away.

Try them. You won’t regret it.

Free Board Game Deal!

This week’s Kmart flyer has Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders on sale for $2 each. And with your Sunday paper coupons or coupon from Playsaver.com you get $2 off. An amazing deal!

Kool-Aid is Fun Again!

I saw a commercial for the new Kool-Aid Fun Fizz on tv yesterday, so when I saw it at Walmart today, I decided to try it out.

For $1.97 you get a packet of 8 dissolving tablets. The 4 yr old wanted to try it out as soon as we got home from the store – he couldn’t wait!

Each fizzing tablet is in it’s own pouch. You “Drop It, Watch It, Drink It”! He loved watching it fizz and bubble. It took a little more than a minute to dissolve completely and we had yummy Kool-Aid when it was finished.  (I know my pic isn’t very good – I had to use my cell phone camera as the Hubby seems to have taken the digital camera to work today.)

The Kool-Aid Fun Fizz tastes great too. Not too sugary for the little kiddos.

What a great summer-time product! And it gives me a reason to buy Kool-Aid again.

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)

A Pleasant Car Trip

You’re heading out-of-town for the weekend, driving a few hours for a quick get-away with your family. You’re thinking of all the relaxing time you’ll have at you hotel, seeing new sights, and maybe even picking up a souvenir. But the minute you get in the car, the fighting and whining starts in the backseat. The kids are rowdy, bored, tired, and hungry. You’ll never have a relaxing trip if it starts out like this. So, plan ahead. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the ride:

1. Cleanliness. No one, not even kids, likes to ride in a messy car. Vacuum up all the cracker crumbs, dirt, and french fries. Wipe up spills, and wipe down the car seats. And keep wipes or paper towels in the car for the next time something end up on the floor.

2. Snacks. You can never have too many snacks for a car trip. Buy individually packaged cookies and crackers (or divide up portions in baggies ahead of time) so they’re easy to grab and distribute. Juice boxes will stay cold if you freeze them ahead of time. And a little cooler with cut up carrots, grapes, or apples will make sure those little tummies stay healthy.

Kidz Gear has great wireless headphones that work with your built-in DVD players!

3. Movies. You’ll be amazed at how a dvd can silence even the whiniest of children. Bring a few of the kids’ favorite dvd’s, headphones, and don’t forget the battery charger if your dvd player isn’t installed in your vehicle.

4. Books. I know my son can look at a new book for 45 minutes. Purchase a few kids books (you can find most for under $5) that you know will capture their attention (and keep them quiet!).

5. Music. Download a few extra kids songs onto your iPod for the ride. Whether it’s Hannah Montana or Mickey Mouse, it’s sure to make the ride a little more smooth. I recommend BareNaked Ladies – Snacktime album. Fun for kids and adults.

6. Stop. You know everyone will need a potty break at some point. Try not to be rushed. Plan to make bathroom stops. And to make the trip even more interesting, stop at some of the fun sights along the way. Even if you’ve driven the road to Grandma’s house a hundred times, there’s always a new stop that can make the trip more interesting. Stop on a gravel road and set up a picnic for everyone. Or pull into pie shop for an ice cream cone.

7. Rest. Bring a pillow, blanket, and favorite stuffed animal for nap time. Making the car seat a little more comfy makes it easier to fall asleep.

Taking a little time to plan ahead can make the whole family feel more at ease and keep the chaos to a minimum. Follow these steps and you will definitely notice a difference in your trip this weekend.

Birthday Gifts

The 4 year old has been invited to a birthday party for a child in his Preschool class. I want to let him pick out a gift for his friend, but let’s face it, it has to be a “good enough” present to be on par with all the other kids gifts, right? Isn’t that what parties have come to these days? Sad, but true. Here’s a few tips to find something memorable.

1. The price point: A good gift for any child under 10 is $10-$20. Stick to your budget.
2. Try to think outside the box. Don’t just head to Toys R Us or Target and grab a car/doll off the shelf in that price range (unless you’re short on time!) If you have time, think of other gifts that your own child would love to have; a new backpack, a fun-shaped pillow, sticker books, or a personalized scarf are a few ideas that just popped into my head.
3. Stick with the Theme: if the invitation says it’s a beach/dinosaur/princess party, go with it. Seek out a coordinating gift.
4. Give what works: If you’re hesitant about giving a non-traditional gift, just buy a toy, wrap it, and celebrate!

Joey ended up picking out a $12.99 box of Legos for his friend. Something he loves and any 5 year old boy will love as well.

What are some great gifts you’ve given or received for kids?

IKEA: Shopping with Daycare

We’ve been feeling a little cooped up lately, so I picked up the 4 year old from Preschool and took him to IKEA for lunch. He loves going to IKEA to play in Smaland.

We had a great lunch. Joey got the kids meal: $2.49 for mac-n-cheese, carrots, & chocolate milk. And IKEA has just redone the kids eating area, so we watched cartoons while we ate. Although, the cartoons they play aren’t exactly preschool-friendly (It was Jimmy Neutron – NickToons). Joe was too scared to watch after a few minutes. I’m thinking IKEA should put on the Disney Channel or even play a movie, especially during the day when the kids are all 5 and under.
And after we ate, Joey went straight down to Smaland. Where you can check-in your potty trained child for an hour while you shop. You get a pager (in case anything happens), and they play in a ball pit, watch cartoons, and the teachers even do crafts with the kids. They have a SUPER system of checking kids in and out: stamps on both your hands and wristbands to make sure you leave with your own child.
He got to play while I shopped for a few new (& cheap) organizational items for the basement playroom. I found a great deal on some wheeled plastic tubs for toys which will be placed under 2 cheap tables that are prefect for playing matchbox cars on (our only requirement for tables). The tables were only $7.99, so I’ll have to update you on how long they last.
Now we’ve got a few more places to store the ever-increasing number of Matchbox cars. And the basement playroom is just about organized!
Have you come across any other great stores with daycare or great facilities for parents?

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)