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LEGO Birthday Treat Bags

How to make these awesome LEGO Treat Bags:

I purchased the brightly colored bags at Target. Then added my LEGO printout – made from bright paper also found at Target –  and a name tag I printed at home.

I purchased the LEGO Birthday Fun Favor Packs from Toys R Us and gave each boy a LEGO set. I also bought the crazy straws at Toys R Us for $2. I found LEGO City stickers on Clearance at Walmart for $.75 each. I also added a LEGO man coloring book – simply print out and sew together with yarn. ( I didn’t snap a photo of these, but they were super cute!)

And I attached one of homemade LEGO key chains – instructions are in an earlier post.



Blue LEGO Cupcakes


Super Fun Blue Lego Cupcakes

When the 6 year old suggested BLUE cupcakes for his birthday, I found the perfect recipe here. It makes the coolest color blue cupcakes ever.

They came out great – even though I have never made a cake from scratch before! I did also have to purchase this frosting decorating set at Walmart to make them even prettier.

I just added the brick candy – which I found at the Mall of America candy store for $11.69/lb! – to complete the LEGO theme.

The 6 year old LOVED the cupcakes (as did all my coworkers who got the leftovers).

Awesome Deal on Board Games

A great reason to get the Sunday paper today –  Target has an awesome deal on Board Games this week. And just in time for Easter. Check out this week’s Target Ad to find a few games for just $7.

And if you search a little closer through all the ads in the Sunday paper, you’ll find a Hasbro coupon flyer too! Or you can also go online and print out the coupons here: http://www.hasbro.com/discover/Play-Saver.cfm.

I purchased a Monopoly game for just $2 and Connect 4 for just $3 with the sale and coupons. What a great deal! I may even go back to pick up a few more to keep on hand for gifts.

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, these are my opinions.)

House Full of Art

Ever wonder what to do with all those art projects your kids bring home from school everyday? It can add up fast.  I have a three solutions to try.

1. The garage is a great space for lots of things. And what wonderful way to brighten it up than to slap art projects all over the walls?! Whether your garage has drywall or not, art projects can be tacked, taped, or glued to the walls easily. And your child will be proud to see his/her artwork displayed somewhere you see everyday! Plus, there’s lots of wall space to cover, you can see the progress you’re child is making just by glancing at your garage walls.

2. The space I use if the back of a door. It’s the perfect spot to tape art projects up. I just use scotch tape because it comes off of wood great and is strong enough to hold up even noodle art. The 4 year old loves to be able to tape it up himself and decide where a new picture should go. And he loves that when anyone (grandmas/aunts/cousins)  comes over, they can see his artwork too. Plus, it’s easy to make disappear….just open the door and we can’t see it anymore!

3. The Family Room is another great place to display art projects. I found some great, cheap, colorful frames at IKEA that are perfect for kids art. The come in 4 different colors and display  paintings and drawings in a little nicer way. The NYTTJA picture frames are only $1.99 and are sturdy plastic, so even if they fall down or get played with, they stay looking great.

What ideas have you used to display art projects in your own home? What are some ways you’ve helped your child be proud of his work?

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, these are my opinions.)

Skip these Bars

I purchased a box of the Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Frozen Brownies at Super Target because they were on sale for $2.79 and I had wanted to try them out. I love easy and quick treats for kids and company, too.

First of all, Duncan Hines, Chocolate Chip Bars are not brownies of any kind. Why do you call them “Brownies”? Weird.

I popped them into the oven and was expecting a warm, yummy treat in 25 minutes. Well, they were warm. Yummy? Not so much. They were very bland. The hubby and 4 year old liked them warm, but then we ended up throwing the rest away.

If you’re tempted to try them out, I suggest skipping them and making a batch of your own.

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)

Make Bath Time Fun

The 4 year old loves to take baths these days. I mean LOVES. He can’t go a day without one. I guess it’s my fault, I’ve made the bathtub too much fun.

First, I found a great soap that lasts forever. It’s the Johnson’s Buddies Easy-grip Sudzing Bar. It’s a bar of soap inside of a green scrubbing  sponge thingy. I think it’s aimed at toddlers, but it’s great for any kid. They don’t have to use a washcloth or deal with slippery or broken soap. I love it because it cheap (about $2 at Target or Babies R Us) and it’s so quick and easy to use. And I have to say it again, one bar of soap lasts forever! I think I’ve only bought 2-3 bars and we’ve been using this soap for a year or so. They are fantastic!

The one thing I don’t like about the 4 year old taking baths, is that he plays with his bath toys on the edge of the bathtub and gets water all over the floor. We have a regular tub/shower combo in the bathroom (nothing fancy or jetted – though I can dream!) and there’s no where to “play” with the cars and trucks he uses in the tub. So I went on the hunt for something to fix the problem. I found a great solution: the Molger Bath Organizer from IKEA. The best part was the price – $7.99.  It’s simple and very lightweight. And it works great as a bridge or a slide for trucks and boats too. And it lets the toys drip dry right in the tub. Spectacular!

What are some bath organization ideas that you use? Or great bath products you’ve discovered you can’t live without?

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)

What’s that smell in the minivan?!

As a suburban mother, of course I drive a minivan. And there are occasionally (okay, ALWAYS) goldfish crumbs, juice boxes, and random snacks dropped on the floor. And now that it’s winter, it’s been too cold outside for me to want to vacuum it all up.

So, the inevitable…the 4 year old and I get in the minivan a few days ago heading to Preschool. He hops in and immediately announces, “What’s that gross smell?”. Hhmm…I wonder if it’s really a smell or he’s just crazy. I get him buckled up and hop in the car myself and realize, yes, the car smells like either week-old McDonalds or sweaty gym clothes wrapped in old lettuce. Wonderful.

We have no time to deal with the smell right then, we will be late for Preschool. So, we suffer through the car ride, and eventually, the 4 year old says, “I can’t smell the icky smell anymore!”. Which just means his nostrils got used to the disgusting smell.

I get the 4 year old dropped off and head for home to find a solution to our stench. I don’t even park in the garage, I feel like if I park the van outside maybe the wind will blow things around, even though it’s 25 degrees outside and I can’t open the doors or windows. I start by tossing out all the old craft projects, used kleenex’s, juice boxes, and as many goldfish crumbs as I can get with my gloved hands. But I find no source to the smell. Which is saddening.  I wish it was just an old Happy Meal or something I could easily locate and get rid of it! And it’s still obviously too cold to vacuum. So I grab the best solution to this problem…FEBREEZE!

I squirt all the seats, the carpet, even the extra coats and blankets we keep in there during the winter (just in case of a snow emergency!). Now the smell is much better, all I can smell is Febreeze.

The 4 year old even notices as I picked him up from Preschool. “Mommy, now the van smells great!”.

You can find more about Febreeze here (including money-saving coupons!)