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Kool-Aid is Fun Again!

I saw a commercial for the new Kool-Aid Fun Fizz on tv yesterday, so when I saw it at Walmart today, I decided to try it out.

For $1.97 you get a packet of 8 dissolving tablets. The 4 yr old wanted to try it out as soon as we got home from the store – he couldn’t wait!

Each fizzing tablet is in it’s own pouch. You “Drop It, Watch It, Drink It”! He loved watching it fizz and bubble. It took a little more than a minute to dissolve completely and we had yummy Kool-Aid when it was finished.  (I know my pic isn’t very good – I had to use my cell phone camera as the Hubby seems to have taken the digital camera to work today.)

The Kool-Aid Fun Fizz tastes great too. Not too sugary for the little kiddos.

What a great summer-time product! And it gives me a reason to buy Kool-Aid again.

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)


More Mongolian – Genghis Grill

As you know, we love Mongolian places. So, when I got an email for a  free meal for my birthday at Genghis Grill, we couldn’t wait to go. We go to the location in Eagan, MN, which is not far from our home. We hadn’t been there in a while, so we were looking forward to it. But by then end of our meal, we decided not to return.

My hubby and I were seated right away, and I decided to use the bathroom. The women’s restroom was very untidy and very dumpy looking, considering the restaurant is only a few years old. It was one of those bathrooms where you don’t want to touch the door handle when you leave (which I didn’t). And the hallway the bathrooms are in is also a storage area for messy cleaning supplies (not very attractive).

We got our bowls and headed to the food to fill them up. The food bar was seriously messy. The food looked good, but not super fresh. Good enough to eat, but not good enough to get excited about. We were a little disappointed.

Our meals did taste good, but it was really the overall appearance of the restaurant and the employees that made the experience bad. There were 2 gals running the whole place, neither dressed nor looking very professional.  They both looked like they had been working all day – exhausted – and were ready to leave. Though they were still pleasant.

Like I said before, this restaurant is only a few  years old (4 yrs maybe – I remember when it opened), and it looked quite dirty/dingy. And I don’t know whether they’re trying to be a restaurant or a sports bar. There are beer signs hanging in places that don’t belong. They don’t have enough space to store things out-of-sight, so you can see their storage areas (a bit weird).

It is not a family-friendly restaurant. The only food they offer for kids is cheesy or butter noodles made on the grill, which aren’t that great and still cost $5. We didn’t bring the 4 yr old this time (since he doesn’t like eating here anyway). They don’t have any kid-size drinks either. Plan on bringing your own cup if your little one needs a lid.

This is the last time we will try Genghis Grill. It has seriously disappointed us. The other Mongolian restaurants offer better food options and atmosphere.

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, these are my opinions.)

Beautiful Designs, Beautiful Gift Idea

My husband’s sister is the definition of “mom-preneur” – she runs the office for a local construction company in Ohio, recently completed her MBA, is back in school advancing her accounting degree and is raising her 2-year-old son Zachary by herself while her husband is serving overseas in the Army. On top of that, Dia Ray is crafting her own business – Designs by Dia Ray – that will bring charm and elegance to your next wine tasting event.

For our birthdays, Dia sent us this pair of beautiful hand-painted wine glasses. Additionally, she sent along some shamrock pint glasses.

The glasses are tremendously high quality – she only uses World Market glassware – and, Dia tells me, can be custom designed for any occasion. While these glasses were a gift, you can work with Dia to create your own special stemware.

Prices range depending on the piece you select, and she will occasionally run specials on her website. She has lots of photos of her work at her website. You can also find Designs by Dia Ray on Facebook and Twitter.

(I was given these glasses as a gift and was not compensated in any other way for this post.)

Awesome Deal on Board Games

A great reason to get the Sunday paper today –  Target has an awesome deal on Board Games this week. And just in time for Easter. Check out this week’s Target Ad to find a few games for just $7.

And if you search a little closer through all the ads in the Sunday paper, you’ll find a Hasbro coupon flyer too! Or you can also go online and print out the coupons here: http://www.hasbro.com/discover/Play-Saver.cfm.

I purchased a Monopoly game for just $2 and Connect 4 for just $3 with the sale and coupons. What a great deal! I may even go back to pick up a few more to keep on hand for gifts.

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, these are my opinions.)

House Full of Art

Ever wonder what to do with all those art projects your kids bring home from school everyday? It can add up fast.  I have a three solutions to try.

1. The garage is a great space for lots of things. And what wonderful way to brighten it up than to slap art projects all over the walls?! Whether your garage has drywall or not, art projects can be tacked, taped, or glued to the walls easily. And your child will be proud to see his/her artwork displayed somewhere you see everyday! Plus, there’s lots of wall space to cover, you can see the progress you’re child is making just by glancing at your garage walls.

2. The space I use if the back of a door. It’s the perfect spot to tape art projects up. I just use scotch tape because it comes off of wood great and is strong enough to hold up even noodle art. The 4 year old loves to be able to tape it up himself and decide where a new picture should go. And he loves that when anyone (grandmas/aunts/cousins)  comes over, they can see his artwork too. Plus, it’s easy to make disappear….just open the door and we can’t see it anymore!

3. The Family Room is another great place to display art projects. I found some great, cheap, colorful frames at IKEA that are perfect for kids art. The come in 4 different colors and display  paintings and drawings in a little nicer way. The NYTTJA picture frames are only $1.99 and are sturdy plastic, so even if they fall down or get played with, they stay looking great.

What ideas have you used to display art projects in your own home? What are some ways you’ve helped your child be proud of his work?

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, these are my opinions.)

Shoe Shopping for Kids

I discovered a great way to buy kids shoes: Buy the same style in the next size bigger!

I purchased a pair of Reebok tennis shoes for my son when he was 2. And he has worn the same style shoe ever since! It has been wonderful. When he outgrows them, I just go to Sears and grab the next size bigger. We are now on our 5th pair.

This great pair of blue/red/white Reebok sneakers are awesome. When I initially purchased this style a few years ago, I had no intention of buying more pairs. But when it came time to search for a bigger size, I figured, why bother trying on dozens of other shoes, when I know he really just needs the next size? They were great quality and lasted through t-ball and playing in the dirt.

It really hit me when we were looking for shoes for the 4 year old a week ago. I thought we should finally try a different style. We ended up trying on 10 different pairs of Nike’s before giving up. None of them fit right or were the right colors. So, I returned to Sears for the same pair of trusty Reebok’s. Look at the time I saved!

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)

Skip these Bars

I purchased a box of the Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Frozen Brownies at Super Target because they were on sale for $2.79 and I had wanted to try them out. I love easy and quick treats for kids and company, too.

First of all, Duncan Hines, Chocolate Chip Bars are not brownies of any kind. Why do you call them “Brownies”? Weird.

I popped them into the oven and was expecting a warm, yummy treat in 25 minutes. Well, they were warm. Yummy? Not so much. They were very bland. The hubby and 4 year old liked them warm, but then we ended up throwing the rest away.

If you’re tempted to try them out, I suggest skipping them and making a batch of your own.

(I was not compensated in anyway for this post. In the future, I would be open to sponsored posts. The opinions posted here are mine.)